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Violator, Emperor's Children Land Raider by Majere613 Violator, Emperor's Children Land Raider by Majere613
Finally, finally got this thing done! This is 'Violator', my Land Raider for my Emperor's Children 63rd Company army. (To cut short the usual blurb, a Company that got gender-swapped by Slaanesh whilst stuck in the Warp post-Heresy, hence the number)

As you can see, it's pretty heavily converted (big shock there). The doors and tracks are from Forge World- the doors were really nice casts, but the tracks were an utter nightmare to work with and I'm still a little surprised I managed to get them on! The Blastmasters on the sponsons are a combination of Forge World and standard parts. The outer weapon is a part usually used to make a Sonic Dreadnought. Since it's only available as a right arm, for the left gun I cut the shoulder block out and turned it around. I also had to block in the shape to make it rectangular since the original slopes down towards the gun, which obviously got reversed when I flipped it. This was done with Green Stuff, and the trim was then added with thin card.

The inner weapon is simply a lascannon from a Predator, with a Blastmaster 'face' on the end. The Predator also supplied the sponson mounts, which are magnetised as usual so the guns can be removed for transport. The front weapon is similarly the standard Heavy Bolter, with the barrels replaced by a Sonic Blaster 'face' and a chaos accessory part which is probably a Dirge Caster. I filled in the ejection ports since they looked a little odd, and added another sonic-looking thing taken from the command accessories sprue that was originally intended to designate command vehicles in Spearhead.

Since all the weapons are sonic, it makes sense for them to be fired with a piano keyboard. Well, a certain sort of sense, anyway. After much messing about with files and sheet styrene, I mounted the top of an Exorcist on the hull, and added the pulpit and 'gunner' from the same model. These parts are largely stock, with just a bit of green stuff detail on the shoulders of the Sister to turn her Imperial eagle into an Emperor's Children one. She is removable, with a pin going through a Green Stuff plug which was wet-molded to fit the receiving hole in the pulpit. 

Behind the pulpit is the all-important hot tub. This is taken from the new Cauldron of Blood kit, along with the mirror behind it and the steps leading up to it. The attendant Daemon is a Hasslefree model called 'Gen' (… ) who I previously cut the feet off of for my Warmachine Harbinger model.…

As you might be able to see from the back of the model, the tub is plumbed directly into the engine of the tank, meaning that if you're not a Space Marine or something similarly tough, it might be a tad feisty for you. I found some little rungs on an old tank accessory sprue, and added them to the side of the tank leading up to the steps into the tub.

The candles are taken from the older metal Cauldron of Blood kit, and had been lying around for a long time waiting to be used!

The incense burners which take the place of smoke launchers are again from the newer Cauldron, and the banners are from the Immolator kit, topped with icons from the Chaos Vehicle Accessories sprue. 

Painting was as standard for my Emperor's Children, with the pink built up from Pink Horror, washed red and then black, with Emperor's Children layering and Fulgrim Pink for final highlights. I used layers of 'ardcoat on the windows and the mirror, with heavy gloss gel used to make the tub look suitably wet.

Photography by me, all original miniatures (c) Games Workshop except 'Gen' (c) Hasslefree.
rohansoldier Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014
This is awesome! Love the hot tub and mirror addition.
Majere613 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks! It certainly got a lot of attention at my FLGS, especially the hot tub :)
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