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The Wake of Manadar by Blunt-Katana, commissioned by Majere613 The Wake of Manadar by Blunt-Katana, commissioned by Majere613
Actually he calls it Battle On, but it's based on a scene from my novel The Wake of Manadar so that's what I'm calling it. Here we see Operative Amanda Devereux, freshly arrived via an apocalyptic inter-dimensional accident, having her first meeting with the forces of the Empire of the Thelenic Curriculum, as represented here by Delys, a Swordmaster of the Eighth Volume. It's also very nearly their last meeting...

Amanda is a Level Ten Operative, equipped with high-grade sub-dermal armouring, titanium-weave bone reinforcement, and an onboard nanite factory that can perform advanced self-repair and healing as well as fabricate clothing, weapons and other equipment. With all that, she expected to be able to stop a primitive sword with just her arm, but as you can see she was only just correct and has resorted to more traditional methods, in this case a sword 'borrowed' from one of Delys' comrades. What she doesn't know, but is rapidly discovering, is that the people of the Thelenic Curriculum use magic in the place of technology, in this case meaning that the 5'2" Delys can swing a 5' long great-sword around as if it were made of balsa wood. Beneath the armour on her left shoulder, we can see her Seal (in this case the Seal of the Sword) glowing as it channels her personal Aether to make her faster, stronger and more deadly. Generally speaking, the smaller and physically weaker a person is, the more Aether they attract, a phenomenon known as the Law of Balance, which means the soldiers of the College Guard really do come in all shapes and sizes.  

I'm really happy with how this came out! As always with Blunt Katana's work, there's a real life and vibrancy to the characters and expressions and the little details are all represented very faithfully. Delys' armour is maybe a tiny bit more revealing than the book implies, but it looks so good I wasn't too worried. Sword-masters do wear lighter armour than common Guardsmen since they act as skirmishers and linebreakers rather than line infantry.
 Please, direct praise for the art to the original artist, I only qualify for an assist for writing the scene and coming up with the characters. Short stories and other information on the world of The Wake of Manadar  can be found at my blog, The Thelenic Curriculum
Legal bit from the original Deviation:
Artwork is property of Blunt-Katana. OCs featured here  belongs to :iconmajere613: . Do not reproduce or use this image without either the express permission of (oc owner) or Blunt-Katana. Any unauthorized use of this artwork will result in legal action.
Svartaberget Featured By Owner May 29, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice design and details
Majere613 Featured By Owner May 29, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks! Most of the credit goes to the artist, though I did do a preliminary sketch of Delys to get across what I wanted. It's horrifyingly bad and will never appear on DA except at gunpoint. :) 
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May 29, 2016
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