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Squad Babylon: Warp Talons of Slaanesh by Majere613 Squad Babylon: Warp Talons of Slaanesh by Majere613
Here we have another unit for my Emperor's Children 63rd Company force, in this case Warp Talons. For a bit of backstory on the 63rd Company, you can look here, and there's a short story about the rebirth of Squad Babylon here.

To cut a long story short, Squad Babylon were part of the initial sacrifice  that led to the 63rd Company getting transformed, and were retrieved some time later by Her Dark Majesty Karyn the Lewd. How much of the original Raptor squad is left in the new Warp Talons isn't all that clear, but Karyn doesn't seem to care.

These are models that I had planned for a long time, but which it took ages to get around to making. The main bodies of all of them are simply Dark Eldar Wyches, which I snipped from their base tabs and mounted on metal Soul markers from Warmachine. As well as giving them some height, since the markers are solid white metal they also keep the centre of gravity nice and low. Each foot was drilled and pinned for strength. The heads are taken from Daemonettes, some from the base kit and some from the Seeker Chariot kit, and the claws come from the same source, with the arms taken from the Wyches. The shoulder pads are the MkIV Emperor's Children resin pads from Forge World, matched up with MkIV pads from Betrayal At Calth, with the exception of the leader, Aurora, who has a pad taken from a Vanguard.

The wings are resin pieces from Maximini, and were glued to the Wych backpacks before the joins were filled with Green Stuff. Green stuff and a little spare sprue were also used to add a bit more neck to the heads, which otherwise would have sat too low. There are also a couple of tails, one fleshy one taken from a Daemonette, and one made from the whip of a Sister of Slaughter. I was originally going to use the masked heads from the same set, but I decided the Daemonette heads looked more dynamic.

Painting was fairy standard for my Emperor's Children, with black, pink and gold offset with blue. I used the blue hair and eyes to balance the blue of the souls.

Photography by me, original miniatures (c) Games Workshop. Soul markers (c) Privateer Press, wings by Maximini.
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September 4, 2016
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