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Oh, I like this one.

This is the third incarnation of Karyn the Lewd, my former Chaos Lord of Slaanesh, having ascended to Daemon Princedom. You might have seen her second incarnation with her biker squad here [link] though just to confuse matters, that's chronologically the 'earliest' model I have for her. There's another model with wings which I may upload at some stage, though it's a bit old and currently retired.

Enough of this prattle, onto the good stuff. Karyn is based on either Severina or Sevora Devout from Inquisitor, because they're twins and I have no idea which is which. There's every possibility I've mixed and matched parts of the two, anyway. I've seen a few takes on turning this/these model(s) into a Daemon Princess, and I was itching to take a crack at it, so the fact that Karyn can be used in both a Daemon and Chaos Space Marine army was the perfect excuse.

The wings come from the Possessed sprue. I have a few of these lying around, and should you like the look of them I'd suggest grabbing some sooner rather than later, because with the way Possessed now work there's not really a reason for them to exist any more. I wanted to push the idea that originally the model was a Chaos Marine, so the way those wings integrate a Power Armour backpack was very handy.

You might notice that the wings are angled back a bit. The original model is standing with her back quite heavily arched, and any attempt to make the wings go at the traditional right angle to the ground left a huge gap. In the end, I decided that such a pose would naturally leave the wings slightly tilted anyway and went with it.

To continue the Power Armour theme, I added a metal Emperor's Children shoulder pad and a plastic Marine pad, onto which I sculpted a simple Slaanesh symbol and the iconic chaos arrows at the corners. The plastic pad needed a little trimming to play nice with the wings, but otherwise it was a simple fit. It says something for how bulky the pads are that they look quite large on an Inquisitor scale model!

The face and eyes needed some attention. By default, the Twins have one meat eye and one bionic, as well as a sort of half-mask. I shaved off the unwanted details, leaving some parts of the mask as hair and other details, and then green stuffed in the two large eyes and the tongue. The hair was similarly added with Green Stuff in a couple of stages. I made sure to have it tumble onto the wings to add strength to the join, which was a tiny bit tenuous.

I'd already decided to treat the skintight bodysuit the Twins wear as skin, and the cuts in the suit as cuts in the skin (more on that in a bit). This meant I needed to add a nipple. I used a small disc of Green Stuff for the main part of it, and added a single ball of Liquid Gravity (basically a tiny ball bearing) as the tip. I modeled the hair tumbling over the other breast to add a bit of subtlety.

I was pleased to find that the bundle of knives the Twins wear at their hips was a separate part. I didn't want them there, so I left them off. I added a little Green Stuff detail to suggest a suspender belt or something else of that ilk and trimmed off a few other unwanted details.

Onto the tail. The tail was originally made with Green Stuff over a wire armature, but I had great problems making it look thin and smooth enough. Eventually, after the initial base paint coat had made it very clear it was letting the whole model down, I went on an epic bits hunt and found some head tendrils from a bust of the Predator (as in the movie). I 'auditioned' several in place before finding one I really liked. The idea with the tail is that it represents the Lash of Despair a Daemon of Slaanesh can be armed with, so it can stretch a long way and whips about. Since to a Slaaneshi Daemon pain and pleasure are basically the same thing, when she's not lashing enemies with it she tends to whip herself about the legs- hence the cuts. I filled in a few of the smaller cuts on the upper body to fit this idea, such as the ones on the breasts.

(One image that you can imagine is of her pulling the tail out of herself to use as a weapon in one hand, Devilman-style. Ooer, Missus!)

Painting brought up some interesting questions. I went with the light pink and white wings, as used on the Furies [link] and based the colour scheme for the shoulder pads on that for my other Emperor's Children. The skin was built up to white from grey, but I used Pallid Wych Flesh as an intermediary colour due to the size of the model.

The boots and tail led to an interesting idea. When I replaced the tail I painted it black so I'd know it needed another coat, but the gloss black look as it dried was very sinuous and I decided I liked it. So I painted it black as its main colour, and did the 'boots' to match. Since there's no dividing detail between the boots and the legs, I did them almost bleeding into the model, a little like the Venom symbiote. The black strapping on the legs and the black backpack all meet at the base of the tail, which gives the feeling that something has latched onto the rest of the model. After varnishing, the eyes, tongue, tail, boots and strapping were all painted with gloss gel and 'Ardcoat to give them the required sheen. I used blue as a spot colour to make the hair stand out and balanced it by making the threads on the basque and in the back of the limbs the same blue.

Why does she have threads in her skin? Daemon.

You probably deserve some sort of badge if you read all that!

Photography by me, all original miniatures (c) Games Workshop.
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