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Thelonius Bubonicus, Dark Apostle of Nurgle
Thelonius here was made to support my Death Guard by leading the Lost and the Damned, and also by carrying the relic known as the Poxwalker Hive. He's based, as is probably fairly obvious, on Kurtha Sedd, the proto-Apostle from Betrayal at Calth.

Since I'd built Sedd before, I was able to convert him as I built him, rather than building the whole thing first as I sometimes find necessary with such models since they tend to go together in an odd manner. I cut off his head, and replaced it after building the torso with the head of a Mantic 'Sci-Fi Zombie'. That Zombie kit is terrible, to be frank, but I wanted a unique head and I was able to disguise some of its awfulness with a Green Stuff hood. I carved away some of the lower torso, replacing it with GW Zombie guts, and then used more Green Stuff to add ragged robes over the upper chest.

The corrupted Crozius was surprisingly easy. Sedd's is made in a cross shape, so I simply left off the second eagle detail and added Nurgle vehicle icons on either side of the flat eagle, filling the gap with spikes from a Chaos trophy and icon. I cut off the other hand and replaced it with a Zombie hand that was nicely shaped to hold a Grey Knights book from my bits box, which I removed most of the Imperial detail from. (I kept the purity seal because I liked how it trailed and it's always ironic to have one on an Apostle)

Other than distressing the cloak a bit, the other main detail was the Poxwalker Hive. This is described as a mass of funnels and chimneys that emit plague flies, so I decided to represent it with the lower part of Chaos Marine helmet horns that I'd cut the tips off of for other Nurgle marines. I drilled a hole in the end of each one, and after attaching them to the backpack I blended them in with some Green Stuff flesh. I also added a particularly large and repulsive-looking Green Stuff pustule to suggest some sort of gestation chamber for the flies.

Paint was to my usual Nurgle palette, with Averland Sunset washed green for the base colour and plenty of brown and green inks added to the Flayed One Flesh of the skin, as well as limited use of Blood For the Blood God.

Photography by me, original miniature (c) Games Workshop. Head (c) Mantic.
Havoks of Nurgle
Bit more Death Guard today, and this is the first completely new squad of them since the Traitor Legions supplement came along and made them good again!

Most of these leprous lads are built from the Mk3 armour in Burning of Prospero, mixed with some GW Zombie parts and some old fashioned Chaos Marine bits. For the most part, I tried to keep the Mk3 in the majority, since it's a Mark often associated with the Death Guard. To add the Nurgle feel, I made sure to add single horns to most of the heads and helmets, as well as damaging the armour and adding the usual Green Stuff pustules. The Champion and Icon Bearer both have Chaos backpacks to help them stand out- in practice the Icon is there for decoration, or to denote the squad leader when I don't feel like running a full-size squad with all the trimmings. The Champion has a combi-flamer left over from another project, and a mutated arm (I think from the old Possessed set) which represents a Power Fist.

The single horns are mostly made from Chaos Marine helmet horns cut short, and on a couple of the Mk3 helms I also added a cyclopean eye by filling in the existing eyes and then adding more Green Stuff. The trinary eye was made with Liquid Gravity as seen previously on my Chaos Lord. Since these Havoks are also equipped for assault I used Chaos Marine arms to make a couple in open poses with Chainswords, which also allows us to see the torso and gives me an excuse to use the good old ruptured intestines schtick again. I also added an extra Zombie arm to one Marine to get a bit more mutation in there.

The other point of interest is the Autocannons. I'm not a huge fan of them tactically, but they feel right for a unit that tends to advance relentlessly. To make them, I simply cut the barrels off the Heavy Bolters and replaced them with a length of plastic tube, using Chaos weapon barrel flares from the Vehicle Accessories sprue. Getting the barrels straight was a pain, and I'm not 100% sure I pulled it off, but it's close enough for Nurgle.

Painting was much as for my other Nurgle models, with the green based on Averland Sunset with a green wash and Warplock Bronze used for the metal along with Leadbelcher. I used a Soft Tone wash to tie everything together, and based the skin on Flayed One Flesh with green and Blood For the Blood God worked in to make it look raw or rotten.

Photography by me, all original miniatures (c) Games Workshop
Nurgle lord and Plagueriders
I've been drawn back to my old Death Guard force of late, and this is the most recent completed addition. The Lord of Nurgle, Skȏrn Gallblight, and these two Nurgle Bikers will be joining the existing Plagueriders (a Deviation I've just looked at and realised was rather better laid out, natch) to bulk out the squad.

I picked up a box of loyalist bikers cheap from a local second-hand store, which had two basic bikers unassembled, plus a Space Wolf Lord with a lightning claw and a cork scenic base. I'm not a fan of such things, but in the case of a Nurgle army where everything is a rotten mass it makes it a little easier to spot the character, so I left it alone. The Lord was not so lucky...

I removed the Lord's right arm at the shoulder (fortunately the previous owner had used superglue, which is much easier to deal with than a plastic glue join) and before replacing it, went to work on the rest of him. To the head, I added a horn from a Chaos Marine helmet and an odd eye-patch/ cybereye thing made with Green Stuff which had three small ball-bearings from my bottle of Liquid Gravity stuck into it in the traditional Nurgle pattern. I carved away much of the chest, replacing the front with part of the hanged skeleton trophy from the Zombies set (the complete part can be seen hanging from the waist of the left hand biker) before adding damaged armour around it with Green Stuff. I then added more rot to the rest of the model, including Green Stuff pustules- the ones on the shoulder pad again form the symbol of Nurgle. I also made a point of breaking all the protective runes on the model's gear. To the backpack, I added several more Zombie head trophies, of which more below. The iron halo is in fact an old Ork shoulder armour piece! The right arm is from a Chaos Marine, with the scythe hand from the Zombies. To make the scythe look more 40k, I added part of an old gun to the top and made a power-weapon by extending some thin metal rod (from a paper-clip) along the blade to a small nub of Green Stuff, as well as adding a power feed made from a small piece of electric cable.

I'm aware that the big horn on the Nurgle pad should make it impossible to move his arm downwards, but hey, Chaos.

The other two bikes were built with Chaos and Zombie components from the ground up, and then distressed. To attach Zombie heads to a Marine torso, I've found it helps to remove the 'neck' of a normal Marine helm and flip it upside-down, gluing the curved part to the underside of the head. Since I'm already mutilating Chaos Marine helms for the horns, I have plenty spare.

The right-hand biker had entrails from a Zombie torso added, which were bent to fit and then fixed with Green Stuff, whilst the one on the left had scraps of rotten flesh added oozing out of his helmet neck seal. Yummy! Both also had pustules, bullet holes and other damage added. On all three models, where I had a patch of smooth armour, I distressed it by running on a little liquid plastic glue, and then scratching at it with a steel spike, not a technique I'd recommend if you want to preserve detail but ideal for Nurgle.

Paint was based on the method documented for the Plagueriders and the infamous Grondar Pus-Gargler, though I had to mix a little bronze and black to replace my dried up Tin Bitz (I now have a pot of the replacement, Warplock Bronze). I still have a fair amount of the old Green Wash left, but I'm going to need to work out a replacement eventually!

Skȏrn Greatheart was a Pack Leader in the ill-fated Wolf Brothers chapter, the first and only known Successor chapter to the Space Wolves. His Swiftclaw pack was bound by great oaths of loyalty and quickly gained a reputation for savage effectiveness in hit-and-run tactics, but were eventually brought low by an ambush during a campaign against the Night Lords legion. Skȏrn alone survived, badly wounded, and was subjected to the Blood Eagle by his vicious captors, before being staked to his bike and left to die.

For seven days and seven nights did Skȏrn suffer. On the first day, he resigned himself to his death, and tried to sing the saga of his life, though with his lungs ripped from his chest only blood-flecked whispers would come.

On the second day, he called out to Russ for a quick end, but there came no answer.

On the third day, he began to hear the voices of his pack-mates demanding vengeance, though their severed heads lay in the dirt around him.

On the fourth day, he called out to the Emperor for deliverance, but there came no answer.

On the fifth day, he called out to Russ once more, this time demanding that the Great Wolf avenge him. Once more came no answer.

On the sixth day, as flies clouded out the sun, he resolved to count the remaining seconds of his life, and thought he heard the insects count with him.

On the seventh day, as the count reached 77777, he felt a final burst of strength fill him, and roared out a terrible oath that should any being, any Power, grant him his vengeance, then he would serve them until the last beat of his hearts. And there came an answer.

Filled with the gruesome vigour of Nurgle, the reborn Skȏrn Gallblight, Greatheart no longer, now hunts those who wronged him. When he fell in with the Nurgle warband known as the Dereliction of Duty is unknown, but the day was a grim one for all who live, for his vengeance is blind and his pestilent rage boundless. Always at his back are the members of his pack, who whisper and chatter encouragement even as their heads rot eternally....

Photography by me, all original miniatures (c) Games Workshop. Sorry if I spoiled your lunch! 
Ardanna, Pillar of the Faith
I wasn't going to put this one on DA, but I realised I'd not added any TGG models for a while. This one is from the TGG2 'Darkness and Light' kickstarter, and is a model I'm planning to use as the Emperor's Champion to lead a Crusader Squad of TGG Sisters. For that reason she's in the white, red and gold colours of Celestine and friends, rather than in the black of the Order of the Valorous Heart.

I'm not going to go into detail here, since I did that already in a review of sorts over on my blog, which also features Canoness Veridian. Since It's going to be mentioned in the legal bit anyway, I should say that I did swap her sword for one from a GW Sister of Silence, for reasons covered there.

Photography by me, original model (c) Raging Heroes. Sword by Games Workshop.
Saint Celestine (and friends)
I don't know why I didn't take a rear shot of the Geminae, but there you go. I've not done side shots since Celestine is a very planar model and to be honest, there's not much to see from the sides.

So, GW really punked us old Sisters of Battle players with a new (better) Celestine model who also comes 'free' with two little friends just to make it harder for people to still use the old model. Still, seeing as she's basically the first SoB release in about a decade, and also awesome, I'll forgive them.

Back when the Sororitas were really bad, as opposed to just a bit mediocre as they are now, the one good thing in their 'Codex' (actually a couple of White Dwarf articles) was Celestine, who basically kept coming back and was ludicrously cheap. I compared using her to taking sweets from smelly old men in the street and called her 'Magical Bouncing Space Tinkerbell'. Well, someone at GW towers was obviously listening and has a peculiar sense of humour, because this version of Celestine literally bounces.

Once built (and even I had the sense to leave the wings and jump packs off for painting here) Celestine is held aloft from her base by those two trailing prayer seals, in one of GWs more successful recent attempts to make a model look like it's floating. (It also reminds me a bit of my take on Warmachine's Harbinger of Menoth) Anyway, this means that if you try to hold the model by the base, or just leave it resting on the table, whilst painting, she... bounces.

She's a thing on a spring, the Tigger of miniatures, and boy howdy is it ever annoying. I ended up mostly holding her by whatever bit I could, and if I were building her again I'd probably leave the base off too since its weight made the seals bounce about even then. 

Anyway, painting! As usual she was painted over black with a grey drybrush, and I basically stuck to the canon colours. I only did an energy effect on her sword, rather than those of the Geminae since Celestine's is more powerful and anyway I suck at them. One other change was to do glowing blue eyes on all three models, rather than just Celestine, since she resurrects the other two multiple times which I think might have that effect. Also their fringes make getting at the eyes to dot in pupils very tricky!

The GW paint scheme has some illuminated letters on the prayer seals. To be honest, not only was I sceptical that I could pull them off, but I didn't really like how they looked, so I opted for the simpler version shown here, with just the occasional larger symbol or letter at the start of each section.

Photography by me, all original miniatues (c) Games Workhop.


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You might notice, if you care about such things, that not much has appeared here for a while. This is due in part to the fact that I'm in my busiest time at work, but due rather more to the fact that the camera on my new phone is either terrible, or much harder to use than my previous one. I've actually done a fair bit of modelling and painting recently, but I can't really take decent pics of it!

Anyway, I hope to pick up a proper camera at the end of the month or thereabouts, so updates should resume in September. I'm also getting used to a new keyboard setup which is delaying writing a bit, but I'm getting there!
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