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TGG: Knights of the Chalice
Final upload of the day, and these are models I'd been looking forward to for a long time. Overall the wait was worth it, though there were a couple of issues.

These are more models from the Raging Heroes TGG2 Kickstarter, and were cast using their new 'pizza' system. With these girls I had the reverse of the usual problem with the sprues in that a lot of the pieces fell off the sprues in the baggie, which given the odd way that the arms fit at the elbow made it pretty tricky to work out how they went together. The other fiddly thing is that I didn't initially realise that the hooded heads (which IMHO look massively superior to their Grey Knight-esque helms) are often sculpted with a particular view to which angle they should go at, which led to the running one ending up looking far further down than I would like and immediately gained her the nickname 'Gertie Grotsmacker' since whatever she's charging must be pretty small. There were also a couple of minor casting and cleaning issues, most of which I was able to deal with with a sharp knife and Green Stuff.

Once all that was sorted, though, the models were quite nice to work on, being good and chunky, though I was a little wary of the thin hammer handles. As an aside, anyone who's ever picked up a real weapon or even a reproduction will tell you the balance on those hammers is way off, but since they're basically Terminators we'll have to hope they can handle it.

Painting was interesting. Though these models will be used with the rules for Black Templars Assault Terminators, I painted then in the Talons of the Emperor scheme again. For coloured details on the armour, like the flames coming from the chalices and the 'windows' and robed heads on the shields, I used the gemstone paints over silver, which I was a little dubious about but I think it worked.

Photography by me, all original miniatures (c) Raging Heroes
TGG: Doralys, Virgin Oracle
Second TGG upload of today, and Doralys here has a tale to tell.

One of the occasional irritations with the models from Raging Heroes' TGG2 Kickstarter is that some of the models are a real pain to de-sprue. Doralys, however, takes the prize. For reasons known only to them, some genius decided a good place for some huge sprue vanes was the palms of both of her hands. Cutting those away from the palms whilst leaving any sort of even vaguely acceptable finish was a really tricky job, and in the process one of her tiny little thumbs pinged off and was lost to the Fuu'kawi tribe.

(For those who don't know, the Fuu'Kawi are the collectors of lost things, two-foot tall pygmies who live in three-foot tall grass and have the traditional greeting "Hello, we're the Fuu'Kawi")

Now those of you possessed of functioning eyes will hopefully note that Doralys has both thumbs in the picture above. Fortunately, when I built the basic squad of Sisters of Mercy troopers I had a spare arm left over with a pointing hand on it. Somehow- and I'm still not sure exactly how I got away with it- I managed to cut the tip of that finger off and glue it in place of the missing thumb. I know I manoeuvred it into place with a slightly wet sculpting tool, but that's about it. For fun, I won't say which thumb is the replacement because I think I deserve to get some enjoyment out of this whole thing.

I also had some very small gaps after gluing her right (to her) leg on, which wasn't a perfect fit. I used heavy water effect gel to fill these, which I'm finding works better than liquid Green Stuff in such situations. The leading foot needed some Green Stuff repairs, seemingly due to an air bubble where it met the sprue, which is part of why she doesn't have much in the way of detailed toes.

After all that she was at least quick and quite fun to paint. The blonde hair was based on Zamesi Desert, the skin on Kislev Flesh and the 'robes' on Administratum Grey before the whole thing was washed with Army Painter Soft Tone and highlighted up. I'm quite happy with how the hair came out, and thank goodness  she has her eyes closed... 

Doralys will be accompanying my Sisters as a Ministorum Priest, providing support with War Hymns. Before anyone asks, I will most certainly be forgoing the usual 5+ armour save (because come on) but she's also gets a 4++ for a Rosarius, which I'll just call pure Faith in her case. 

Photography by me, all original miniatures (c) Raging Heroes
TGG: Reyallia, Sanctfier of the First Legion
First of a few TGG uploads today, and this is Sister Reyallia, who will be joining my Sisters of Battle as their version of the Emperor's Champion. Since I'll be playing the Sisters of Mercy models as effectively Rule 63 Marines, I'm making a point of keeping their colour scheme distinct from that of my actual Sisters, instead using the same 'Talons of the Emperor' scheme as Saint Celestene and the Sisters of Silence.

In case anyone asks why they have Marine profiles, that's because Faith.

There's not too much to talk about in terms of assembly, which for a TGG2 model is quite novel- I'll be going into that in more detail on my blog at a later date. The flaming sword/ glaive was rather dramatically curved and had to be heated in boiling water and (just about) straightened, but other than that she went together quite well. Painting was fairly standard, though there were a couple of instances of our old enemy Mystifying Detail, in this case the.. thing trailing from the skull she's holding, which looks like hair in the concept sketches but seemed more like cloth on the model, and the detail at the lower part of the backpack, which I decided was probably dribbly candles. In both cases I went for a fairly neutral white which seemed to work. The flames on the sword were done by washing Averland Sunset with Bloodletter and then building back up with yellow and white.

Photography by me, all original miniatures (c) Raging Heroes.
Kjeldor Thricecurse, Warpsmith of Nurgle
Another quick one today, please excuse the slightly iffy composition but I'm (appropriately) feeling a little off this morning.

Kjeldor here is my new Nurgle Warpsmith, who will eventually be leading a Cult of Destruction. Just as Thelonius was based on Kurtha Sedd, this guy is based on Captain Aethon, which gives him a decent amount of bulk. I cut off the extended gun arm and left off the other arm with the chainfist, as well as removing his head- I also didn't add the top plate of his armour and removed the gorget to give me a clear run at his face. The bolt pistol arm came from the bit box, and was originally off a Chaos Knight I think, with the addition of a Raptor bolt pistol, whilst the axe also came from the bit box and was attached at the glove to a standard Marine arm. This arm was also bulked out with a cable from the Kataphron servitor set.

For the head, I returned to the GW Zombie kit, going with the bearded one this time since it seemed appropriate for a Warpsmith and also quite cheerful. I filled the space behind with a length of plastic cable from an old gun. To begin to add bulk (and make it clearer that this wasn't a Cataphract suit) I also added the Chaos Champion backpack.

The Mechatendrils, which add close combat attacks to the Warpsmith and also carry a meltagun and flamer as well as assisting in battlefield repairs, posed an issue since I still haven't got around to getting a tentacle maker. After a lot of messing about dry-fitting, I decided this guy would just graft a couple of Servitors straight to his back. I stuck on a couple of Zombie torsos, and took the opportunity to up the gross-out factor by connecting the intestines of one of them to the cable around the Warpsmith's head, then extending the other end into his mouth. Yummy! The flamer arm was taken straight from the Kataphron kit and went on quite well, but I'd run out of the meltas so I cut down a Chaos meltagun and attached it to another spare arm for the other side. As a side note here, I made a point of gluing it to the armour's shoulder where it touched, as well as using the trophy tooth to attach it to the bolt pistol, adding strength to what could have been a flimsy part.  I used a standard GW Zombie arm, and another Mantic zombie part since it happens to be holding something vaguely engineer-ish, for the other two arms, fitting the one going down to his head around a nice big horn.

I also found a couple of nice big exhausts in the Kataphron kit, which I added to the shoulders at the back. I cut away the lower pteruges, replacing them with a tattered Green Stuff tabard, and added a bit more bulk to the stomach, setting it off with a toothy maw which I think came from the Chaos Spawn kit. For fun, I experimented with the lash from a Sister of Slaughter as some sort of barbed tongue, and after a bit of trepidation drilled a socket for it and stuck it in. As well as distressing the lower armour and cloak a bit, I added some extra Green Stuff to the knees, and on a whim pressed Aethon's face into them, which left a weird tattered indentation that looked suitably unsuitable. More Green Stuff finished the job, filling gaps here and there and adding a bionic eye to one of the zombie-servitors, which was made by pressing a small ball of putty into the face and then flattening out the middle with the butt of one of my chunkier drill-bits.

Painting was much like my other Nurgle models, with quite a lot of Ryza Rust used. 

Photography by me, all original miniatures (c) Games Workshop except one zombie arm (c) Mantic.
Thelonius Bubonicus, Dark Apostle of Nurgle
Thelonius here was made to support my Death Guard by leading the Lost and the Damned, and also by carrying the relic known as the Poxwalker Hive. He's based, as is probably fairly obvious, on Kurtha Sedd, the proto-Apostle from Betrayal at Calth.

Since I'd built Sedd before, I was able to convert him as I built him, rather than building the whole thing first as I sometimes find necessary with such models since they tend to go together in an odd manner. I cut off his head, and replaced it after building the torso with the head of a Mantic 'Sci-Fi Zombie'. That Zombie kit is terrible, to be frank, but I wanted a unique head and I was able to disguise some of its awfulness with a Green Stuff hood. I carved away some of the lower torso, replacing it with GW Zombie guts, and then used more Green Stuff to add ragged robes over the upper chest.

The corrupted Crozius was surprisingly easy. Sedd's is made in a cross shape, so I simply left off the second eagle detail and added Nurgle vehicle icons on either side of the flat eagle, filling the gap with spikes from a Chaos trophy and icon. I cut off the other hand and replaced it with a Zombie hand that was nicely shaped to hold a Grey Knights book from my bits box, which I removed most of the Imperial detail from. (I kept the purity seal because I liked how it trailed and it's always ironic to have one on an Apostle)

Other than distressing the cloak a bit, the other main detail was the Poxwalker Hive. This is described as a mass of funnels and chimneys that emit plague flies, so I decided to represent it with the lower part of Chaos Marine helmet horns that I'd cut the tips off of for other Nurgle marines. I drilled a hole in the end of each one, and after attaching them to the backpack I blended them in with some Green Stuff flesh. I also added a particularly large and repulsive-looking Green Stuff pustule to suggest some sort of gestation chamber for the flies.

Paint was to my usual Nurgle palette, with Averland Sunset washed green for the base colour and plenty of brown and green inks added to the Flayed One Flesh of the skin, as well as limited use of Blood For the Blood God.

Photography by me, original miniature (c) Games Workshop. Head (c) Mantic.


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You might notice, if you care about such things, that not much has appeared here for a while. This is due in part to the fact that I'm in my busiest time at work, but due rather more to the fact that the camera on my new phone is either terrible, or much harder to use than my previous one. I've actually done a fair bit of modelling and painting recently, but I can't really take decent pics of it!

Anyway, I hope to pick up a proper camera at the end of the month or thereabouts, so updates should resume in September. I'm also getting used to a new keyboard setup which is delaying writing a bit, but I'm getting there!
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